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Feb 16, 2017
appearance 8 - Really Hot performance 10 - One in a lifetime attitude Awesome atmosphere Fuckin awesome general details I threw an ISO out on the LA board and got a response from Lyndsey. Her response was everything I wanted to hear. it seems she's changing the type of service she's offering. I'm not into fbsm but she was looking to take it to the next level. Intriguing. The Juicy Details Our back and forth during set up was very flirtatious and nasty, in a good way. She really got me revved up before we even set up a time. The pics of her body looked fantastic. Not really sure what her face looked like but I just had a feeling it would work out and it did. When she arrived at my hotel I was happy. I thought she was very attractive. After a few pleasentries we both got comfortable and wow, that body. Lyndsey has a Killer body, yes Killer with a capital K. I went in for a kiss with some lfk which turned into some passionate dfk. Worked my way down to her D cups and mauled them for a while and continued down to her shaved pussy for some daty and dato. Her pussy and asshole are picture perfect and I couldn't believe I could have my way with her. Next was my turn and I laid back for an awesome Bbbj. She definitely knows what she's doing and was going as deep as she could. Covered up and had her climb on for Cg. Those tits, flat stomach, and shaved pussy was a sight. In rcg she let me thumb her asshole and seeing her pussy lips enveloping my cock and sliding up and down was super hot. Switched to mish so I could go back and forth between kissing her luscious lips and her tits while fucking her tight pussy. Next was dg and I swear the view of her ass from behind is textbook. Wow. Fucked her dg while rubbing her asshole with my thumb and I gently worked it in and had my own little dp going on but I wanted my cock in there so I lubed up. Took my time since she was so tight but eventually got all the way in and once her asshole got accustomed we went at it. I did her ass in every position and it was awesome. She's so hot and sexy and when I was ready to cum I told her I wanted it in her mouth. Pulled the cover, she dropped to her knees and let me unload in her mouth. I was spent. We cleaned up and talked for a while before she left. I was there for 2 nights and instead of trying to find another girl I just called Lyndsey and asked if she could come over again and she did! That's how good it was. I couldn't get enough. She actually drove up from SD to see me the 2nd night! Super sweet, smart, fun, and damn sexy girl. I will definitely see her again next time I'm in LA or SD.
Feb 16, 2017
appearance 9 - Model material performance 9 - Forgot it was a service attitude Great atmosphere Very Hot general details I've been following her on TER for sometime. Reached out through her website for intro. I had scheduling problem for a couple of weeks so after that I reached out to make a date! Was going to just do an hour and half FBSM but after rereading the reviews I decided to UPGRADE. See her website for descriptions. Very glad I did. VIP's read-on. The Juicy Details Arrived at her incall massage place in Miramar. She met me at the door and walked in. It's a place that have a number of rooms and her room is a typical table, towel warmer, music, low lights and everything to make you feel comfortable. We went directly to LFK and undressing each other. Instead of me on the table first I wanted her on the table. I went down on her and enjoyed some DATY, FIV and kissing her while she remained on her back and me standing next to her. I stood up straight and she proceeded to take my cock deep in her mouth. I reallly enjoyed this as I watched my cock glide in out of her mouth. I reached down and inserted a finger in her pussy and began to tease her asshole. She maneuvered so I had easier access to both andwhile I was fingering her holes I popped in her mouth. CIM and BBBJ and if she let it dribble out I don't know when she did it. After that I rested on my stomach on the table where she began a wonderful FBSM. That has already been described accurately in other reviews. On the flip we had plenty of 69, fingering, body to body gliding and got me hard again---doesn't happen often but I take advantage when it does---on with the condom and she rode my cock CG. I couldn't stand watching this gorgeous woman with great tits and skills riding my cock. I popped a second time. Now it was her turn. I rubbed oil on her while she was on. Her stomach on the table. I paid particular attention to her ass and pussy willl she played with her clit until her orgasm. Take care of this one, guys.
Jan 02, 2017
appearance 8 - Really Hot performance 9 - Forgot it was a service attitude Sensual, time doesn’t matter, loves to please atmosphere Relaxed, cuddly, girlfriend-like general details Lyndsey had been on my radar for months. When I saw her post an ad on TER, I knew that it was time to reach out to her. I quickly sent her a PM expressing interest. When I read her ultra sweet, friendly, and welcoming response, I knew I had made the right choice. It was a breath of fresh air and change of pace from the professionalism that I’m used to. Setting up a date with Lyndsey felt like setting up a date with a girlfriend. Since we had planned the date several days in advance, she offered to have me choose an outfit for her. I wasn’t expecting that and it caught me off guard. Excellent touch by her, and an easy choice for me: sexy, skimpy shorts with flip flops and any top. Spoiler alert: she delivered and pulled it off perfectly. First time seeing a lady at an office suite, so I was a bit worried about how things would be in terms of discretion and overall ambience. I had no issues with parking or running into people since it was a weekend and after normal business hours. Weekdays around business hours may be a different story. I texted her after parking and she called me for further direction. She guided me up and stayed on the phone with me until we caught a glimpse of each other. When I turned the corner, I was very pleased with what I saw. She seemed really happy to see me, gave me a hug, and led me into the building. Once inside her massage room, she asked me to undress. We decided to skip the massage, which she was totally cool with, and it wasn’t long before things got really hot. She stayed in her sexy shorts by my request and walked towards me leaning against the massage table. After throwing her arms around my neck, she pulled me in and started to slowly and sensually make out with me, all while my hands were exploring her body. She put her arms up for me to take off her top, then turned around for me to unhook her bra. She bent down to slowly remove her shorts and revealed her nice booty. She started rubbing her smooth butt against my package... VIPs, see more… Lyndsey is best FBSM out there, in my opinion. She’s sensual, aims to please, doesn’t watch the clock or rush, and really enjoys what she does. She gives me no reason to want to see anybody else, and I will absolutely be seeing her regularly. Our next date is after she gets her nails done, which she plans on getting in a few days and she even asked me to choose the color/style. How awesome of her. The Juicy Details Lyndsey started rubbing her smooth butt against my package while I kissed her neck and gently rubbed her tits. She then pulled part of her panties around my cock such that it was trapped between her ass cheeks and panties. So fucking hot! I stopped kissing her so I could watch and appreciate what she was doing. She started with long and slow strokes and then picked up the pace. It felt really good. I didn’t want to cum yet so I had to slow her down. She then freed my cock, turned around, and started stroking my cock while we made out again. She’s a great kisser and doesn’t go straight to tongue. Nice full lip kisses before she slowly slips her tongue to touch mine. She then asked me to lay on the table and she got up in 69 style. In the process of getting into position, she somehow lost her panties and had her pussy in view while she stroked my cock. What happened next really surprised me. She started sucking my cock! I wasn’t expecting a BBBJ at all. She stroked and sucked my cock while I played with her pussy. I prefer handjobs over blowjobs in general, but she really got me going. I couldn’t hold back and told her I was going to cum. She took it out of her mouth and jerked me all over her tits. I didn’t expect to cum so quickly. It takes me awhile to recover, so I was a bit bummed. Lyndsey said she likes challenges and that she bets she can get me to cum again. I like her confidence! She cleaned us up with a hot towel and then jumped on the table with me to cuddle. She laid on her side, snuggled up to me, and rested her smooth thigh against my cock. I had told her that I like legs when I asked her to wear shorts. It looks like she’s using that information against me, literally. However, she’s in no rush to get me going again. We just relax and talk while holding each other closely. Lyndsey then looked me in the eyes and slowly went in for a kiss. We made out again before she wanted to go into the spooning position. She then put her top leg over my hip and guided my hand to her pussy. I started rubbing and fingering her while I leaned down to kiss her neck. She rolled onto her back and pulled me in for another passionate kiss. Lyndsey had me sit facing her at the other end of the table and told me she has a surprise. She reached for some warm oil, and started giving me a footjob. It took me a minute to get fully hard, and once I was, she had a sexy grin on her face. She said she had never given one before, but she did great and it felt good. She rubbed her clit while stroking my cock with her feet. We switched positions and I asked her to stroke it with her hand. She went for a BJ/HJ combo again and all was great. Somehow I eventually lost my erection and started to lose hope. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to cum again and was expecting her to offer me a shower. However, Lyndsey wasn’t about to give up. She laid next to me and started rubbing her thigh against my cock while making out with me. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. She placed my cock behind her knee and did a handjob combo. That felt amazing, and in a couple minutes I was getting close to cumming again. Lyndsey picked up the pace and talked dirty. I couldn’t hold back and came all over her leg and hand. The second orgasm and ejaculation was so powerful that I shot myself in the neck. Lyndsey stroked me until I was sensitive and giggly, and then went to get hot towels to clean us up. She’s a trooper! After she cleaned us up, she totally surprised me by saying she’s going to come up and cuddle me again!! Wow, I was prepared for the ‘‘would you like to shower’’ question. She snuggled next to me like she did earlier and we just enjoyed the moment. What an amazing experience. Lyndsey is in no rush at all and we continue chatting. She jokingly tested the waters to see if I was able to go again, but I was totally spent and we both had a laugh about it. We both got up and realized we were past the hour, but she’s totally fine with it and offers me a shower. She didn’t join me, but it’s all good -- maybe she will next time. She offered me bottled water as we were walking out and then told me to text her when I got home. How caring and thoughtful of her! One final hug and kiss and I’m on my way. I let her know I was home and thanked her for the amazing time. She was just finishing up cleaning and was about to head home as well. She unexpectedly returned the favor by texting me when she, too, was safely home. That small gesture was the ‘’cherry on top’’ for me. It just made the experience feel like we were two friends getting together for some sexy time. Definitely did not feel like it was a service. I’ll be seeing her in a few days and plan on visiting her again and again. Be a gentleman and your experience with her will be unforgettable. I don’t think she normally offers BBBJ in her FBSM sessions. She just went for it in the heat of the moment with me. YMMV! FBSM providers like Lyndsey are so rare. She’s truly a gem and knows how to make people feel special and wanted.
Can't wait to return
Dec 06, 2016
general details Saw lyndsey's ad and her pictures caught my eye, also she had wonderful review in ter so gave her a call, unfortunately was not able to schedule right away but eventually our schedules matched and i was able to see her and was glad i did. Lyndsey is an awesome provider who will make sure you are satisfied. Non Vip's .. I have repeated often The Juicy Details Lyndsey rents a place in one of the office buildings in miramar, its discrete and the place is shared with other masseuses, has a shower so you can take one before or after massage. When i entered lyndsey greeted me with a smile and showed me to massage room, she left the room for me to get comfortable. Once on table she entered and got rid of her clothes and i could watch her awesome perfect body in the mirror. Lyndsey started a very relaxing massage with teasing me every now and then when i was on my back. She soon hopped on the table and started rubbing her perfect tits against my back it was heaven, on the flip, alot of cool body to body action with finger in Y and a great finish. I have repeated several times and would repeat in a jiff.
May 16, 2016
GENERAL Saw her reviews and was interested in a massage only. Don't usually go for that so I wanted someone terrific. She was incredible! Looks even better in person. Incredible massage! Everyone should have the pleasure of meeting her at least once in their life. If she worked closer I'd be broke. THE JUICY DETAILS She communicates via text initially. Office complex in Mira Mesa. Has a little sitting room then another door into a small room that barely fits the table. Cozy and nice. Asks me to get naked while she sheds her clothes in front of me. Wow! The body is incredible. I almost gasped. Ass is round and firm. Pussy looks delicious. I get on the table while she warms some oil in a microwave. Starts a good massage. Firm pressure. 30 minutes in (she's hit every muscle group by now) then pours warm oil all over my back and climbs on for some sexy body slides. Feeling her breasts on my back was very cool. Wipes me down with warm towel then turns me over. Now I can stare at her perfect body. Firm breasts. Perky nipples. Not a flaw on her. She apologized for not wearing make up. Told her she doesn't need any! After spending some time working on y chest she climbs on the table ala reverse cow girl. Invites me to touch her wherever. I ask about the pussy and she states "insertion!" I almost lost it there. I gently working y way around her soft lips getting her a little wet. The I firmly enter 1 then 2 fingers and work the around while placing thumb on her clit. I felt her muscles clamp around my fingers and was rewarded with some nice wetness. If she'd have let me I would've eagerly added my tongue. Oh well. In the meantime she added some oil to my member and began to firmly stroke. I couldn't believe how great it felt. She is a master. She had me so turned on by the sensuousness of the entire session that by the time she got to hj I was ready to pop, before she even grabbed it. About 5 minutes of firm stokes and I'm throbbing. Sensing it's time, she intuitively knows to speed up. Less than a minute later I erupt. She doesn't stop until I've been milked dry. After catching my breath I get up and start dressing. She remains naked and we have nice chat. She's a student doing this part time. I will definitely repeat.
Great Conversation Super Sexy
Mar 22, 2016
New Reviews Search Reviews Search Top 100 TER Plug-In Review: LYNDSEY Report A Problem See Provider's Profile SALINAS_86'S REVIEW OF LYNDSEY appearance 9 - Model material performance 7 - Hot time attitude sexy ane friendly atmosphere outstanding general details I have seen Lyndsey on several occasions--she is easy to book, great location, nice massage studio and friendly incredible massage. Highly recommend The Juicy Details As noted--I have seen Lyndsey a number of times--I always contact her by text and am usually able to book within a few hours (which helps with my schedule)--her studio is located in Miramar in a very nice office suite which she shares with others (never been a conflict or issue)--=Lyndsey invites you in and you can shower first or hop on the table. She starts with a great massage and some sexy body slides--lots of teasing and pleasing. Great soothing massage- top comes off for slippery body slides-her breasts are incredible- during the slides she finds the goods and gives them a good tease On the flip she is nude and turns up the sensuality--with body slides, teasing and lots of taking you to the edge and back---mutual massage and some touch is available--may I say I against her breasts are incredible and available for play. The finish is a simulated cow girl or any position you choose.As we have spent more time together the sensual side has gotten better and better. We always have a good conversation to discuss mutual interests and life in general.